Why Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Important?

Research shows that the average indoor carpet can hold 200,000 bacteria per sq. inch. Though vacuuming it regularly is a must, you cannot guarantee whether your carpet is 100 percent clean. There are lots of reasons why it’s important to professionally clean your carpets. To know some of them, read this article.  

Eliminates spots and smell 

If your home or office experiences a great amount of traffic, spills, stainsand dirt are inevitably tracked in and are bound to occur from now and then. Thankfully, you can guarantee that your carpet will look brand new all the time with commercial floor cleaning services done by the experts.  

Protects your investment 

If you need to change your carpet more frequently since you neglect to keep it clean, you will feel in your budget for maintenance. Carpets are not cheap, hence, it’s one of your valuable investments. For you to protect this investment that you have, one of the greatest means to do that would be to regularly schedule a professional carpet cleaning Jacksonville FL 

Improve the feel and look of a space 

Your flooring won’t just impact the manner a room looks, but also the manner how it feels. Though it may be subtle, your employees and customers will love the feeling of walking over a clean and fluffy carpet compared to a dirty and tamped-down one.  

Improve your air quality 

Booking for regular upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning can guarantee that your employees and clients are not standing in a cloud of mold spores and allergens. Moreover, filthy carpets are expected to be packed with all types of unsolicited things like remnants of toxic gases, lead, allergens, cockroach, and pet dander. If you can keep your carpet clean, you can be assured that the people are not breathing in harmful things while they walk around your home or office.  

Protects your health 

Carpets can be the ideal flooring for you. However, if they are not maintained and cleaned all the time, they can trap plenty of tiny critters and unwanted particles. Dirt, pollen, and dander can become trapped in your carpet. Microscopic dust mites can possibly breed and survive especially if your carpets are unclean. Moreover, dirty carpets are the perfect breeding ground for fungus and mold, which is the last thing that you want to have in your office or home. To remove the potential allergens and guarantee that they don’t damage your health, make sure to keep your carpet clean.  

Prolong your carpet’s lifespan 

A lot of factors can affect how long-lasting your carpets will be including the amount of foot traffic that it gets and the quality of the underlayment of the carpet. However, if you fail to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly, you are basically guaranteeing that your carpet will not last as long as it can take. Hence, make sure to maintain your carpet properly to make it last for at least 15 years or more.